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Beijing-Moscow historical bonds deepen during coronavirus crisis

Jointly fighting the epidemic helps China and Russia consolidate their relations and reflects the friendship between the two leaders and the two peoples.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/13 19:58:40

When wearing a mask invites discrimination against immigrants in the West

These days overseas Chinese are debating whether they should wear a mask to avoid being infected by the virus, or not wear a mask to avoid discrimination. The debates are never conclusive but have caused greater confusion.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/13 19:18:40

Manila's termination of military pact will upset US meddling in South China Sea

Duterte has repeatedly criticized US security policy and has not been entirely supportive of the military and political cooperation between the two countries. His administration has been pursuing greater balance in ties with the great powers.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/13 16:00:15

US attempt to rope China into New START negotiations won't succeed

The real intentions of the US to start arms control talks are to break the existing system of arms control and the current strategic balance of nuclear powers, as it seeks to become the only strategic superpower in the world. The future of the New START is hence gloomy.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/12 20:28:41

Epidemic, trade, governance issues test China, US ties: Singaporean scholar

The beginning of 2020 saw China's nationwide fight against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. It came after China and the US signed the hard-won phase one trade deal. Relations between the world's two major powers have evolved into a complex mix of intertwined economic interdependence and rival diplomacy. How will the virus outbreak affect bilateral ties? As the US tries to contain China's rise in all spectrums, which of the two countries holds the initiative in steering bilateral ties?
Source: Global Times 2020/2/12 19:43:10

快三注册网址There's no doubt China will bounce back from epidemic's impact

The heroic efforts of the Chinese medical workers and the determination of the Chinese people amid the epidemic have been a model of courage for the world to admire. And efforts are being made around the world to provide needed supplies and to find a vaccine that could allow for the country to overcome this crisis.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/12 17:48:37

US exploiting of coronavirus crisis unworthy of a great power

To some extent, US' moves and words on the outbreak show Washington is using it as an opportunity in its competition with Beijing, which is inconsistent with the image of a responsible great power.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/11 20:52:14

Washington pressure tactics on Beijing are sure to boomerang

If Washington continues to pursue destructive economic policies aimed at China while it battles NCP, it will not only be seen as intolerant and immoral, but those very policies will significantly affect the US economy and others around the world.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/11 18:53:40

Why the West is overreacting to coronavirus

The West hasn't been so clamorous about the outbreaks of Ebola and Swine flu viruses, even though the rate of infections and deaths of those viruses were far more than that of the novel coronavirus. Such a vivid double standard treatment by the West proves that they have been suffering from the pending replacement anxiety brought on by China's rise.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/11 12:58:29

Phase one deal doesn't automatically mean smooth sailing for China-US ties

For China, the best way to cope with it is to separate economic and trade issues from other matters and to resolve the challenges one at a time.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/10 21:40:12

History will note China's strength, West's arrogance

Several years later, historians may portray the year 2020 as: "The Chinese underwent a tough time over the year. They had to battle the novel coronavirus epidemic at home, and deal with insulting attacks from some foreigners. Yet they are strong and they stay strong. This great country has weathered the year of 2020, like any year over its history of 5,000 years, and they have achieved their goal of making their lives better."
Source: Global Times 2020/2/10 17:53:40

Taiwan should use the epidemic to improve cross-Straits ties, not make things worse

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia constitutes the first important event for cross-Straits relations following Tsai Ing-wen's victory in the Taiwan island's regional election. Unfortunately, judging from Tsai and her team's response, it appears they have chosen to exploit the ongoing epidemic for political gains.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/10 16:00:45

Doctor's death not an opportunity for the West to slam China

When people shared Li's words that he said before his death - "A healthy society should not have just one voice" - perhaps it's time for wiser approaches in our social governance. In an era of internet, rumors need to be suppressed, not truth.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/9 21:36:37

Is sympathy too much to ask for from Western media?

The Chinese do not want another province or city to be sacrificed. Before that happens, we must remain steadfast in achieving our goal. While Western countries cannot help, the least they could do is refrain from using a sarcastic tone when writing about how China and the Chinese are combating the virus.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/9 14:58:39

Hun Sen visit proves solidarity between China, Cambodia

Hun Sen's visit once again confirms that China-Cambodia friendship is a model for neighborhood diplomacy and international relations.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/7 14:38:43

Confidence is the most lasting vaccine

The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has caused tremendous concern. This is understandable, and necessary preventive and control measures ought to be taken. At the same time, there is no need to panic or resort to excessive measures. Instead, confidence can serve as the most lasting vaccine against fear.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/7 0:28:04

US tendency to politicize public health emergencies a hinderance

Remarks by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that the coronavirus outbreak in China could help bring jobs to America, have underscored some US politicians' lack of international morality and their propensity to treat the epidemic as a political tool. This will further complicate the public health security situation in both the US and the world.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/6 21:28:43

Trump, Pelosi spat displays existing US polarization

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, the issue of political polarization in the US will become increasingly prominent. US society will thus be further divided and is likely to last for years.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/6 20:03:43

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